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Continuous Light

Solutions for Still and Video
Modern DSLR cameras can be used to shoot high-resolution videos as well as still photographs. Since more and more photographers are asked to do both, it is a natural step for us to introduce our concept of light shaping to the world of video.

ProDaylight HMI
ProDaylight is an HMI light, providing a bright, daylight colour temperature light, which is ideal for most photo and video shoots. The units are compatible with a wide assortment of dedicated Light Shaping Tools. The lights are dimmable and can be remotely controlled with the Air system.
ProDaylight 200 Air Basic Kit
ProDaylight 400 Air Basic Kit
ProDaylight 800 Air Basic Kit
ProDaylight 200 Air
ProDaylight 400 Air
ProDaylight 800 Air
ProBallast 200 / 400
ProBallast 800

ProTungsten Air Kits
ProTungsten provides a warm-white light that gets even warmer when the light is dimmed. This makes it ideal as character light or for simulating interior light. The lights are dimmable down to 10% and can be remotely controlled with the Air system. No ballast is required.
ProTungsten Air

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