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The ALPA 12 STC (Stitch/Shift Travel Compact) sets a new benchmark for compact and lightweight cameras for use with digital backs and roll film backs up to 6x9.

The STC offers the unsurpassed ability of freehand photography as well as stitch- or shift operation from tripod. Anticipating software solutions like the keystone correction in Phase One’s Capture One 6 the STC’s base movements set priority to lateral shifts for stitching. The square ALPA mount allows to use the camera easily in various orientations switching the back from portrait to landscape position as well as using the movements for classical rise and fall.

The freewheeling function allows movements with unmatched speed and comfort as well as offering fine adjustment with a lockable shaft. Due to its unique U shape the STC body does not need any additional adapter for stitch and shift operation.

All movements slide upon roller bearings – not the least expensive, but definitively the most precise, reliable and durable solution available.
As with every member of the ALPA family, the 12 STC is completely integrated into the modular ALPA 12 system.

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