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Integrated Solutions

With Sekonic & Pocketwizard

PocketWizard has partnered with leading manufacturers of lights, power supplies and light meters to integrate its trigger technology into their products. Now, all of your photographic equipment can communicate seamlessly and wirelessly.

Wireless trigger technology built into your photo equipment, ready when you are.

• Avoid tripping over cords.
• Manage fewer pieces of equipment.
• Enjoy PocketWizard reliability and range.
• Protect equipment from high synch voltage.
• Trigger equipment with your light meter.

The world's first light meters with built-in PocketWizard wireless technology.
Now you can simultaneously trigger and measure your electronic flash units up to 100 feet away wirelessly. And you can even trigger motor driven cameras.
Many Sekonic meters feature radio triggering capability that is compatible with PocketWizard® radio triggering systems.
The Sekonic L-758DR, L-478DR and C-500R meters offer built-in radio triggering. The Sekonic L-758D, and L-758Cine allow the meter user to install a radio transmitter accessory module.

Profoto makes some of the most popular lights in the business. The integration of PocketWizard technology in many of their product lines makes them even more popular. Also readily available for rental wherever your photo shoot may be.

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