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Beauty Dish Reflector

Mola Rayo Beauty Dish Reflector Silver 15" / 38cm
The Mola Rayo 15" reflector is a broad, directional, hard light source unlike any other. When you're looking for illumination with intensity, contrast and a punchy quality of light the Rayo should be your first stop. Delivering a bright center core of defined light with excellent wrap the Rayo 15's shallow profile provides additional spread/ Ideal for full length, beauty and location fashion work.

Mola Rayo Beauty Dish Reflector Silver 16" / 40cm

The Mola Rayo 16" shares the same hard light qualities, bright center core of light, intensity, contrast and a punchy illumination provided by the Rayo 15" only in a more focused narrow beam of light with less spread. Like the Rayo 15" this reflector is a perfect candidate for beauty and fashion work.

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