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Beauty Dish Reflector

Offering a big, bright, window light look, the Mola Mantti creates a distinctly daylight quality of light. The largest and narrowest profile dish in the Mola family of reflectors, the Mantti produces open shadows, bright highlights, and medium contrast via its white interior finish. This reflector is the perfect candidate for portrait, editorial and catalog work.

- 1x Mola Mantti White Reflector with mount adapter and Mola Griffe tilt handle
- White internal coating
- Black external coating
- Weight: 7,0kg
- Diameter: 110cm / 43"
- Material: metal/aluminium
- 1x Mola Nylon Diffusor
- 1x Mola PAD (Perforated Aluminium Disk) diffusor disk with spacers and hardware. Complete mounting hardware to hold a Mola Speedring.

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