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Beauty Dish Reflector

The Euro reflector was Mola’s premier design and has since gone on to become a studio workhorse worldwide. It offers a bright center core of light, gradual fall off and a beautiful wrap-around quality of light. This well-rounded reflector provides coverage, contour, proportion, contrast, and falloff, easily replacing the need for a range of softboxes. The Mola Euro is a truly multipurpose tool ideal for a wide variety of lighting tasks from product, to portrait, to beauty and fashion.

- 1x Mola Euro White Reflector with mount adapter
- White internal coating
- Black external coating
- Weight: 5,7kg
- Diameter: 85cm / 33,5"
- Height: 46cm
- Material: metal/aluminium
- 1x Mola Nylon Diffusor
- 1x Mola PAD (Perforated Aluminium Disk) diffusor disk with spacers and hardware. Complete mounting hardware to hold a Mola Speedring.

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