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4 Bay USB3.0 + eSATA Port Multiplier)

The SATA hard disk drive with the highest cost-benefit ratio
The ST4-SB3 is equipped with two types of high-speed interfaces, and can be used as a 6G 3.5"/2.5" high-speed SATA hard drive. When using the e-SATA interface, transmission speeds can reach 476MB/s, while transmission speeds for the USB3.0 interface are 386MB/s. These two types of interfaces achieve high transmission speeds at lower cost, making them suitable for high-speed image processing or image galleries with large capacity requirements.

Compact and portable too
For field editing applications, the ST4-TB can be made portable as it comes with a grip handle, which you can choose to install for making creative contents mobile convenient and less bulky.

Tough and durable shielding body
The ST4-SB3 beats any compact four drive systems with its seamless, 3.5mm thick full aluminium built body that’s robust to withstand the most demanding of use. With aluminium body, the system dissipates heat faster for a greater stability and performance that also extends the lives of the drives.

Compact to suit any desktop environment
Although the ST4 holds up to four 3.5/2.5 inch drives and includes a 200 watt power supply, the overall size (approx. 6.5 inches tall x 5 inches wide) of the enclosure is compact and will not take up much room of your desktop space. Moreover, the system is equipped with a large quiet fan for continuous drawing away heat from the inside of the system for you drive to run comfortably.

Desktop HDD 2TB x 4
Desktop HDD 3TB x 4
Desktop HDD 4TB x 4
Desktop HDD 6TB x 4
Desktop HDD 8TB x 4
Desktop HDD 10TB x 4

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