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Profoto B2 Accessories

The dedicated accessories for the Profoto B2 pack have arrived. The BLPB2 is a cage that securely holds the B2 power pack with function and style. They have incorporated a cord winding area, a light storage 5/8" stud (additional studs are available to mount), a light stand ball hanging feature and even the capabilities to use the Profoto supplied strap to carry the unit around. Additionally they have accessorised the BBG / BBX Boomerang bracket with 5/8" posts created to assist with the B2 light. The BLSA is a 5/8" mount with anti rotation features as well as the taller BLSA5A/S models. Both models are available in Stainless Steel and the BLSA5A is also available in anodized black aluminum. The latest accessory is the BLS1 rosette mount that allows you to hold heavier lights and modifiers with ease with the ability to tilt with 180° of motion and not worrying about slipping.

The #BLH1 Belt Holster for the #BLPB2 Profoto Cage allows a stud to be screwed into the back center of the cage and hold the power pack off the ground locked onto a stand or similar object. Works on diameters 3/4" - 1 1/2".

Accessory List
Battery Pack Cage with Stud for Profoto B2 (BLPB2)
Light Stud Adapter for B2 Standard Lightstand Mount (BSLA)
5" Tall 5/8" Light Stud Adapter for B2 Standard Lightstand Mount (BLSA5A)
5" Tall 5/8" Light Stud Adapter for B2 Standard Lightstand Mount (BLSA5S)
Rosette Adapter for Profoto B2 BLSA Stud (BLS1)
5/8" Light Spigot with Mounting Hardware for BLPB2 Profoto Cage (BPB2SA)
Light Stand Holster Adapter for Cameras and Profoto B2 Cage (BLH1)

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