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IQ2 Series

Digital Backs

Dedicated to the diversity and flexibility of an open-platform philosophy, Phase One is proud to continue to create digital solutions for alternative cameras. Maintaining the highest in build quality and image quality, the range of IQ2 Digital Back is still being produced to provide users with the optional use of Hasselblad H and Hasselblad V camera systems. Though some features are inherent to the integrated XF Camera System, the use of your older Medium Format equipment is always a possibility with Phase One.

IQ2 60MP For Hasselblad H1 / V
The IQ2 60MP goes beyond the norm; it’s made for extraordinary captures. It can deliver long exposures of up to one hour and produce 60 megapixel captures that are virtually noise free.

IQ2 50MP For Hasselblad H1 / V
The IQ2 50MP is the epitome of capture versatility. It offers outstanding image quality at 50 megapixel resolution throughout its entire ISO range from 100 to 6400.

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Adobe PDF  IQ Digital Back Range Tech Specs

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