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IQ3 Series

Digital Backs
Introducing the new range of IQ3 Digital Backs

The digital back is, in essence, an imaging sensor enclosed within a detachable magazine that includes all the electronic and processing power needed to capture amazing medium format images.

With the new generation of IQ3 Digital Backs, you can achieve up to 60 minutes of extreme long exposures, get a dynamic range of up to 15 f-stops, use the built-in Wireless technology, or use the intuitive 3.2" touch display.

IQ3 (100MP)
Top of the line digital back from Phase One. Features a 100 megapixel resolution, offers the highest dynamic range and houses a full frame CMOS chip. This delivers stunning imagery results every time.

IQ3 (80MP)
Features an amazing 80 megapixel resolution with a wide dynamic range. This model sports a full frame 645 CCD chip and is a perfect choice for demanding photographers.

IQ3 (60MP)
Provides 60 megapixel resolution images and houses a full frame 645 CCD chip.

IQ3 (50MP)
Offers 50 megapixel resolution images and houses a CMOS chip. This back offers a higher capture rate per second than the other IQ3 backs.

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Adobe PDF  IQ Digital Back Range Tech Specs

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