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According to the dictionary, "cutting edge" means "the edge of a cutting tool in contact with the work during a machining operation". And that's the definition Kaiser uses. But for "cutting edge", you might also find explanations like "up-to-date" or, "state-of-the-art or "leading position", and here Kaiser is right again.

Those who do pictures themselves, either in a photo lab or with an ink jet printer, need a trimmer. When you consider what can be produced with your computer using up-to-date printing software, business cards, greeting cards, CD inlays and much more, a clean and precise cut is the minimum you should grant to your own printout.


Rotary Trimmers
Comes in all different sizes to suit all different needs, the Rotary Trimmers have a self-sharpening circular blade or ground circular blade in closed plastic housing. They also include a transparent strip for paper clamping.

4306 Safety Trimmer "easy cut 1" - 32 cm
4307 Safety Trimmer "easy cut 2"- 45 cm
4313 Safety Trimmer hobby cut 3 - 33 cm
4314 Safety Trimmer hobby cut 4 - 46 cm
4318 Safety Trimmer "profi cut 2" - 51 cm
4319 Safety Trimmer "profi cut 3" - 72 cm
4323 “XL Cut” Safety Trimmer - 92 cm
4324 “XL Cut” Safety Trimmer - 130 cm


Guillotine Cutters
Either choose the multi cut, which includes Top and bottom blades and a hand pressing rail, or go for the smaller Guillotine Cutter for those passport photo pristine cuts.

4303 "multi cut 3" Guillotine-type Trimmer - 34 cm
4301 Guillotine Cutter for application photos and passport photos

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