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L-Brackets are essential if you will need to change the orientation of your photographs from landscape to portrait, in a hurry, without recomposition. The L-bracket is attached to your camera with a ¼”-20 screw. There are two Arca-Type dovetail surfaces on the L-bracket allowing the camera center to sit directly over the tripod head or apex. This is beneficial because it allows for better distribution of the camera weight. This is much better than having your camera leaned over to the side of the tripod off center, such as in a standard ball head type situation.

Most ProMediaGear L-Bracket Plates feature:
- Anti Rotation System
- Strap loop(s)
- Cable Management
- Access to cable ports, slide out
- Safety Stops
- Allen Wrench Storage

» Two piece design; removable vertical plate.
» Safety stop screws in vertical and horizontal surfaces.
» Slide out mechanism with hardened steel rods. *
» Easy battery access.
» Compatible with Arca-Type tripods, mono-pods, etc.
» CNC Machined from solid aluminum T6061 block
and black anodized for scratch resistant finish.
» Weight depending on model ~ 0.36lbs - 165g

L-Bracket for Canon
Canon 1DX L-Bracket (PLC1Dx)
Canon 5D Mark 3 Body L-Bracket (PLC5D3)
Canon 6D Body L-Bracket (PLC6D)
Canon 70D Body L-Bracket (PLC70D)
Canon 60D BG-E9 L-Bracket (PLCBGE9)
Canon 6D BG-E13 L-Bracket (PLCBGE13)
Canon 70D BG-E14 L-Bracket (PLCBGE14)
Canon 5D Mark 3 BG-E11 L-Bracket (PLCBGE11)
Canon T5I/T4I/T3I/T2I/600D/550D L-Bracket (PLCT3i)

L-Brackets for Nikon
Nikon D750 L-Bracket (PLND750)
Nikon D4/D4S L-Bracket (PLND4)
Nikon D600/D610 Body L-Bracket (PLND600)
Nikon D7100 Body L-Bracket (PLND7100)
Nikon D800/D810 Body L-Bracket (PLND800)
Nikon D800/D810 MB-D12 L-Bracket (PLNMBD12)
Nikon D7000 MB-D15 L-Bracket (PLNMBD15)
Nikon D600/D610 MB-D14 L-Bracket (PLNMBD14)
Nikon D7000 MB-D11 L-Bracket (PLNMBD11)

L-Brackets for Sony
Sony Alpha 7 Series 7A/7R/7S L-Bracket Plate (PLSA7)
Sony Alpha 7 Series 7A/7R/7S L-Bracket (PLSVGC1EM)

Universal L-Brackets
3 Inch Universal L-Bracket (PLX3)
4 Inch Universal L-Bracket (PLX4)


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