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D4 System

Consistent and Powerful Solutions
The versatile D4 system is designed with commercial studios and production deadlines in mind. The sturdy D4 generator with its unbeaten consistency in power output and colour temperature simply means: more photography and less corrective retouching.

D4 Studio Generators
The D4 generator is a versatile workhorse, crafted to produce large quantities of high-quality images at an extremely high rate with no variations in power output and colour temperature. The D4 has four outputs, each with independent control. In other words, working with one D4 is like working with four separate flash packs.
D4 1200 Air
D4 2400 Air
D4 4800 Air

Heads for D4 Studio Generators
The versatile D4 generator is compatible with a wider assortment of heads than any other Profoto generator. Choose whichever fits your specific needs.
Acute/D4 Head
Acute/D4 Ring
ProHead Plus
ProRing Plus
ProRing2 Plus

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