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Shoulder Bags

Think Tank Photo camera shoulder bags have been designed to satisfy the needs of professional photographers all over the world.

The Retrospectives combine classic design with room for modern camera gear to create the perfect shooter’s bag. These lightweight shoulder bags come in four fabrics that offer a sense a style that matches your shooting needs.
Retrospective 5 (Blue Slate / Pinestone / Sandstone)
Retrospective 5 (Black)
Retrospective 6 (Black / Pinestone / Sandstone)
Retrospective 7 (Black / Pinestone / Sandstone)
Retrospective 10 (Pinestone / Sandstone)
Retrospective 10 (Black)
Retrospective 20 (Pinestone / Sandstone)
Retrospective 20 (Blue Slate / Black)
Retrospective 30 (Pinestone / Sandstone)
Retrospective 30 (Black)
Retrospective 50 (Black / Blue Slate / Pinestone)
Retrospective Lens Changer 2 (Pinestone)

Urban Disguise Classic V3.0
An updated edition of our flagship camera shoulder bag, the Urban Disguise Classic is crafted with full-grain leather accents and panels.
Urban Disguise 35 Classic (V3.0)
Urban Disguise 40 Classic (V3.0)
Urban Disguise 50 Classic (V3.0)
Urban Disguise 60 Classic (V3.0)

Retrospective Leather Series
Expanding on the success of the Retrospective line, the new Retrospective 5, 7 and 30 Leather Series maintain the casual, form fitting design while adding premium leather accents for an upscale, rugged option. The addition of the Dual Cross buckle on the front flap provides an extra measure of security, while a dedicated zippered pocket holds a tablet or laptop.
Retrospective Leather 5
Retrospective Leather 7
Retrospective Leather 30

Lily Deanne Series
Premium-Quality Shoulder Bags for Professional Women Photographers. Bags come in either Licorice or Chestnut varieties.
Lily Deanne Lucido
Lily Deanne Mezzo
Lily Deanne Tutto

Urban Approach
Low-profile, high-capacity shoulder bags specifically for your Mirrorless camera gear.
Urban Approach 5
Urban Approach 10

Mirrorless Mover
Mirrorless Movers are designed to fit today's mirrorless cameras.
Mirrorless Mover 5
Mirrorless Mover 10
Mirrorless Mover 20
Mirrorless Mover 25i
Mirrorless Mover 30i

Turnstyle Bags
Combine the rapid-access of a shoulder bag with the comfort of a backpack and you get a sling bag. Fast, comfortable and convenient access to your gear.
TurnStyle 5
TurnStyle 10
TurnStyle 20

Speed Convertibles
The Speed Convertible camera bags live a double life. They are a sleek shoulder bag with clean lines perfect for street photography and travel.
Speed Demon V2.0
Speed Freak V2.0
Speed Racer V2.0
Change Up V2.0

Digital Holster
Digital Holsters can be worn as a shoulder bag or attached to a belt to accommodate your workflow.
Digital Holster 5
Digital Holster 10 V2.0
Digital Holster 20 V2.0
Digital Holster 30 V2.0
Digital Holster 40 V2.0
Digital Holster 50 V2.0
Digital Holster Harness V2.0
Backpack Connection Kit

Sub Urban Disguise
The Sub Urban series are compact shoulder bags specifically designed to accommodate standard size DSLRs. Built for smaller gear or photographers who want to travel light.
Sub Urban Disguise 5
Sub Urban Disguise 10
Sub Urban Disguise 20
Sub Urban Disguise 30

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