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Mamiya Leaf offers high–end digital photographic solutions to professional and advanced amateur photographers.

Leveraging 70 years of Mamiya camera and optics expertise with the digital imaging technology of Leaf - the company that introduced the world’s first commercial digital camera back - Mamiya Leaf represents the finest in high end photographic solutions, and is dedicated to improving the quality of its products, technologies and services to support the advancement of professional digital photography.


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Based on decades of use in the most demanding professional applications, the Phase One XF brings upgraded materials and moving parts to match that level of professional demand, delivering the fastest, most robust and most reliable camera ever.

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Credo Digital Backs   Credo Digital Backs
The Leaf Credo series of digital camera backs deliver legendary Leaf image quality along with speed and versatility that are second to none.

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Schneider Leaf   Schneider Leaf
Shutter Lenses
Building on decades of experience in high-resolution optics and precision manufacturing, the Leaf Shutter lenses are some of the sharpest lenses in the world, built for todays systems as well as the future.

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Phase One   Phase One
The range of Phase One Focal plane lenses, are designed to deliver clean optical performance together with fast apertures at the lowest possible weight.

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Capture One   Capture One
Professional Imaging Software which includes Capture One 9 PRO, Capture Pilot and Media Pro

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Accessories   Accessories
Mamiya Leaf accessories are the top choice for professional photographers. Among the accessories are the V-Grip Air and the rechargeable Li-ion battery for the XF & 645DF+

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