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ILFORD has a long tradition of commitment to Black and White photography and produces class leading products for those in need of high quality Black and White results.

L&P Digital Photographic are an Authorised Reseller of ILFORD Black & White.

CONTACT US P: 02 9906 2733 or email

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Black & White Films   Black & White Films
Our range of films extends from ISO 50 to EI 3200 in 35mm, 120 and sheet format

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Photographic Papers   Photographic Papers
Premium quality resin coated and fibre base papers to suit all requirements

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Film Developers   Film Developers
A wide range of negative developers available in powder and liquid concentrate form

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Paper Developers   Paper Developers
Designed to fully exploit different paper characteristics and photographic requirements

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Fixers & Sundry Chemicals   Fixers & Sundry Chemicals
Fixers, Stop Bath, Wetting Agent, Washaid, and Selenium Toner

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